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10 DIY Cabinet Ideas for Small Bedroom

Having some cabinets to organize the things in your small bedroom is not a top-notch idea. Their bulky size definitely gobbles up the valuable space in your tiny bedroom. But, that won’t be a big deal if you can make your own cabinets that fit snugly into your bedroom. If you are looking for some DIY cabinet ideas, you’ve come to the right place as I’ve listed 10 cabinet ideas for small bedroom that are DIY-friendly. 10. Turn it into a Loft Bed Loft bed is the best solution for any bedroom with very limited space. By going vertical, you will have more space to move through so the bedroom will become more comfortable and spacious, just like this loft bed. These cabinets fit perfectly with this tiny bedroom. The first thing you need to do is measuring the width of your bedroom thoroughly. Then, you can make the cabinet frame. You will also need to make the bed frame that holds the bed in place.

9. Space-Saving Cabinets for Those who Share a Room When two users share a room, it means double mess. But sharing a room is not always a bad idea because it can be so much fun. All you need to do to maintain the fun while eliminating the mess is by making cabinets that can accommodate all the stuff without compromising the space. Shoving the cabinets and beds against the wall is the best way to create more space in the middle. Don’t forget to make use of every space you have including the corners of your bedroom by making corner cabinets. Raising your bed a few inches off the ground allows you to have more space underneath, which means you can make some drawers for more storage solutions. 8. A Comfortable Nook Cabinets with built-in bed can be a great nook for reading or taking a nap. It might be rather tricky, but it doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it. You can always seek some assistance if you can’t do it yourself. The first thing you need to do is making the frame where the bed nests. The frame will also support the upper cabinets that will be installed right under the ceiling.

You will also need to make some niches on the support frame so they can host your books and any item that deserves displaying. 7. Replace the Footboard with Cabinets You probably have been advised to rip your headboard and footboard off for many times. Well, some people think that downsizing the furniture and some add-ons is the safe bet when it comes to an undersized bedroom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of ripping the footboard off, you can replace it with cabinets. It is an easy project as you will only need to make some cabinets and install them to replace the footboard. To make these cabinets, you will need some plywood, screws, pocket hole jig, and some other materials.

You might want to reinforce joints of the cabinets using corner brackets. 6. Make Use Every Space You Have Every inch counts in a small bedroom. Therefore, don’t let the walls and the space under the bed leave wasted. And to achieve this goal, you will need to install wall mounted cabinets. You do not need to make sophisticated cabinets. Some simple ones that look like cubes will do in a pinch. You can either ditch or install the cabinet doors. But for an easier access and a more stylist look, you can try removing the doors. 5. Try Sliding Doors The ubiquitous cabinets usually feature pull-out doors that take up more space which makes your bedroom look more cramped.

Why don’t you try replacing the door of your cabinets with sliding doors? Sliding door requires sliding door track that enables it to move aside rather than forward, which means you won’t sacrifice any space. This cabinet, for example, offers you ample storage space without seizing extra space. Besides having sliding doors, it has open shelves on one side that can help you store books and decorative items so you can grab them easily.

4. Incorporate Murphy Bed to The Cabinets The great thing about a murphy bed is it can be hidden away when you are not using it so you can maintain the clean floorspace. You can find the steps of making a murphy bed from scratch on the internet, or you can add a twist to an existing bed frame by removing one of its legs, installing the struts, and attaching the frame to your cabinet.

3. Use a Headboard that Features Cabinets This headboard packs a lot of storage space for your small bedroom. It has plenty drawers at the back side of the headboard that you can use to store socks, jewellery, and underwear while you have some cabinets and foldable side table at the front side. The way you make this headboard is exactly the same as the way you made the common cabinets. You can begin with cutting the boards and making the cabinet frame. Then, install the drawer slides to the frame and each drawer.

For the foldable side table, you’re gonna need to attach a board with hinges that allow you to fold it. 2. Upcycle Fancy Drawers Drawers and cabinets with curvy edges and sophisticated details can be outdated for some people. But you can turn it into an epic headboard that is not only chic but also functional. You simply need to sand and paint the drawers and cabinets the colour of your choice, replace the pulls if necessary, and attach them in the place of your headboard. Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. Get new updates automatically every time I upload new video and let’s find out last idea sitting on our top chart. 1. Anchor the Bed Sometimes placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom is worth trying as you can have more space on both sides of the bed.

To balance the look, you can place two cabinets on the right and left side so it will look like the bed is anchored with them. Now you know that having cabinets in your small bedroom is not always a horrible idea. There will be always the ways to keep them without sacrificing the space. Therefore, you should give these ideas a shot! That’s it for now, before you leave, like this video (if you truly enjoy it), comment it, or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account or email list. Browse and follow Simphome website for more home décor and makeover ideas. Lastly, see you again later with more video like this in a near future. And, Until that time….

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Coolest Halloween Decorations

Holy pirate ship this is somebody’s Halloween decorations on their house Halloween decorations How do you make this pirate ship look like it’s literally protruding out of your house and when you do this Are you stuck with this for the rest of the year like you now forever have a pirate ship house the attention to detail? Here is just incredible They got everybody on the crew. They got everything going on. This is a house I’d like to go trick-or-treating to this is a masterpiece You know You have to watch after your daughter If even the undead are trying to get to her bedroom Damn, girl the living and the dead men are after her.

I’m not even hating I say I Don’t know what to say I mean guys I don’t like spiders even when their knees tiny like these tiny like you can barely see them but this big if it’s this big then you gotta burn the whole Neighborhood down to the ground just in case so that it doesn’t lay any eggs. Cuz if that thing lays eggs, we got a problem It’s just decoration it’s not real spider. Okay guys guys call it quits. I’m burning down the neighborhood. It’s just a decoration They built this thing how we don’t know but we just know it’s not real. How do you even get to the door? Like there’s so much cobwebs in here. You’d be cleaning up cobwebs for days We’re gonna sit here and drink beer until we figure out women Get it cuz they’re dead.

They died trying to figure out how women work. We’re complicated Okay, you’re absolutely right, but you know what? I also don’t understand men I don’t understand women and I don’t understand men How hard is it? Down the toilet seat after you pee and then the rebuttal it is always like how hard is it for you to put the toilet? Seat back up. Nobody wins never let go Jack That’s what I think they were trying to recreate that or maybe trying to sneak into the girls again this man built Terrifying oh my god. Can you climb it into it Oh Imagine there’s a little house and in the head in the lantern the the jack-o’-lantern That would be so awesome. And then when you turn on the lights in your bedroom It would light up. We’re so scared of it, but now I love it Wow Okay, so they made a fake UFO crash and they made it a crime scene so you see like the alien and they got the number two there and like all the What are they called again all the evidence all the evidence is scattered everywhere? It’s all fun and games until the government Ceases and then actually relocates your family because they need to cover up this fake UFO crash Now that’s the most carved pumpkins I have ever seen in one place at one time and let me tell you I hope that those are pre carved or something because wow that must have taken a long time it always seems easy until you try carving that pumpkin yourself every time I’m like You know what? I’m a decent drawer.

I used to paint like my art skills are decent. Ok, I’d give myself decent on the scale of like master peacemaker and Just utter shit I’d say I’m like In the middle, but then I pick up a carving knife and I try to carve a pumpkin and I cannot do it Let me tell you it is so hard. I don’t know if my because I have really weak wrists I do have really weak wrists. My upper-body strength is quite Now this has to be the coolest house I’ve ever seen what look at the little like red carpet It looks like blood they’re just like humming down the mouth His house just ate all the children who asked for candy. This is how you have a really relaxing night on Halloween It’s fun to give out candies.

It’s fun to see everybody’s smiling faces But sometimes you’re just not in the mood and when you’re not in the mood and you just don’t want to be left alone because you know We all have those days when we’re like I’m not in the mood today. This is what you do Nobody’s gonna come to your house and your house looks like this that or everybody’s gonna come to your house I mean it could go either way. This Ghostbusters house is amazing. Look at all the attention to detail They’ve included so many things here. How long did this take? And how much money did it take? Like is this like all your savings so that you can just have some sick Halloween house and then on Christmas you’re like, sorry No lights this year we spend all our budget on Halloween this tree fell and they were like Let’s just turn it into King Kong was really angry.

Like ours is like a Jurassic Park reference I’m not sure whether a dinosaur here now I like the Simpsons just as much as the next person but this is a real fan like this is a true fan they got Me beat. Okay, the only thing scarier than this house is the electrical bill They’re gonna get at the end of the year Wow. Those are a lot of lights. Whoa This is so cool. I just thought this guy but then I saw the arm and this dude They’re all like climbing out of there if they’re being born out of a pumpkin This is a school. But can you imagine the smell when pumpkins left out in the Sun for too long? It does not smell pretty I like this one and let me tell you why this is a story of revenge Okay, we spend year after year carving the pumpkins and they are finally getting their revenge They’re fighting back. Look I made that up, but I thought I had good lore behind it I love the lore behind a picture and sometimes when it comes with no lore.

I’m here to provide it I grounded the kids for Halloween This sign on this one is just too much. They literally grounded the kids. We have a walking dead one here This is really well done. Think about all the time They took to make all those zombies and all the humans fighting back Now if you want to make this really interesting You don’t put a sensor on the zombies and you let them roam around the neighborhood as far as Halloween movies I love The Nightmare Before Christmas It is so much fun and I watch it almost every single year and I never get bored of it I don’t know.

I just love it. I love it. It’s so much fun And apparently this person also loves it so much or they turn their whole house into a Nightmare Before Christmas Set I mean I appreciate these decorations, but how does somebody get an entire bus? Outside of their house for a decoration like what is is the base tale school bus do they buy one do they rent one? I need to know the story behind this I wish the Sun wasn’t so bright so I could get like see more the details but is it like filled with like monsters? I can’t tell I see what they did there those ones really creepy and cool. Like is this paint? How do they make all these decorations and more importantly? How do you get rid of it rid of them? Do you just keep them up until next year if this was your house? You wouldn’t ever get any mail I’m gonna order some really cute clothes online and then they never show up because the mailman is like screw this I’d rather get fired I have two questions and they’re very very important.

So listen up how did they build these transformers and do they work? That is the important one do they really work? I like this one because it’s scary, but it’s not too scary okay, I don’t like things being too scary because I’m a scaredy cat and then I’m like But this way I feel safe when I go grab my chocolate now, this is some good craftsmanship Wow Do you see the detail this which like it almost looks real? I don’t know how people have the time for this I am not gonna lie half the time I kind of forget to do it and then I leave it for last second and then I End up doing like a somewhat Okay job, I guess but not really because I did it the day of yeah, and these people are doing this. I appreciate it I respect it.

I just don’t understand it Hulk for president vote green. Don’t make him angry Wow Look at how much is going on here. This one’s really cool I mean, even if it’s a little political I’m still down for it I’m living for it and I would vote Hulk all day every day. Oh, I like this one Look, look at all the attention to detail. It’s incredible. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening with this one It looks cool And it looks like he’s almost has like bike pedals on so maybe it’s motorized and his legs are moving That would make it pretty damn creepy. I was actually wondering how many of you guys actually like Celebrate Halloween in your countries because I know some countries aren’t really big on it But in other countries they are and everybody gets dressed up and they go trick-or-treating Yeah, I’m just actually really curious I I’m from can and at least where I live like we would always go trick-or-treating it would be so much fun because Putting the costumes together and figuring out what you’re gonna wear and seen everybody else’s costumes is always so much fun And then on top of it bonus points you get chocolate after You also get candy, but I like to be honest.

I’m not big of a candy person. I like I like chocolate though I don’t know. I don’t know what it is I’ve never like been that into candy like I’m okay with it But I’m never like gonna go out of my way and eat candy. Anyways, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video I love y’all so much. Stay awesome. Stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice other .

Apartment Tips From An Interior Designer

Hi I’m ray this is my apartment I put together a lot of the furniture on my own in the space but I’m not a professional interior designer that’s why we have Bethany and she’s gonna give me some tips and tricks on how to optimize my living situation let’s go ahead and walk into my apartment this is my couch it’s the first thing that I’ve brought into the space and it’s pretty much what I designed everything around is there a reason that it’s away from the wall this is actually a giant chalk wall that you could draw on but I haven’t really drawn anything on it recently and that’s why there’s like this space in between so you wanted like a alleyway so people could draw on the wall well if you do want to save some space and add more space for more seating in your living room you can push this back to the wall and then you would probably be able to fit additional seating here you’d be able to have more people over so you don’t have to sit on your floor kitchen I think you unintentionally followed a really significant design rule which is the role of lines you have predominantly horizontal lines in your space and you’ve accented it really well with organic shapes like the curve of this coffee table and with your own plant pot that’s like one of the things that you learn in design 101 if you did want this space to feel a bit bigger the rug it is a little bit small for this space because you have the couch forward it works pretty well if you were to push this back you would want to have at least I’m gonna say like an eight-by-ten in here just so that you do feel like you’re using the entire space and you’re not so confined to this little box because when humans see a little box they tend to stay within the box which is just something weird that we do but if you have a bigger rug then you can you know spread out a little bit more and have more seating and anything like that what’s going on here looks like you had a system kind of happening I really love this storage system that you do have I think that the the scale of these little boxes on this shelf is not really gonna work because naturally you’re just gonna set things in front of the boxes and you’re not gonna be able to pull it out I have a different alternative like piece that you could use that would work really well that I use for my makeup storage is a toolbox for those big ones with all the different compartments but mine is actually for tools but it’s in that kind of style and I just made labels for each of the drawers with a label maker and it keeps me contained I built these shelves out of piping and some just like baseboard and it’s for the most part doing what it’s supposed to do but this is probably the most organized that it’s been but I just feel like it’s not really being optimized the whole point was just like so I would not have as many boxes because I have a lot of boxes in my apartment I find that it’s great because you could just toss everything inside the box but the problem is once you toss it inside the box you don’t know what’s inside yeah do you know what’s in you you tried to do a sticky now it says electric there’s Christmas decorations and this electrical box a BuzzFeed beach ball half of a styrofoam one workout glove a box for a Apple TV that I throw boxes away you don’t need them that kind of thing you do not need to hold on to you do not know no matter how much you think you’re gonna use this box you most likely I think boxes like this can be your best friend and also your strenght because of things like this where you just don’t know what ends up in them so if you do have a really good labeling system you’ll be able to point that I forgot I had this this is the old camcorder should we film the rest of this on that what I was saying before is if you have a good labeling system you’re less likely to put things that don’t belong in that category in the box with the stuff so I’d say label these boxes go through them empty it all out this is not bad it’s not bad this is not that bad I feel that you have some crystals here you could cut you your crystals in here I can do it on your books so that you can actually see your crystals you don’t charge your crystals in the full moon I mean might come in in here so buns so I think that the the books and everything are cool if you’re not reading them often you can just you know kind of go like this so I would go like this and then you can put little crystal shrine right here no that works I’m like now you can actually see stuff and I think that already looks a little bit more put together like you could take a photo of that and would think if I put together shelf but you do need something right here I’m trying to get better at storing and saving the right things because I collect a bunch of random stuff that I end up forgetting about but there are certain things that you know I end up spending a good amount of time on that I want to keep that are sentimental like this sword well you have this whole shelf that you’re dedicating just here weapons if you do want to display your weapon it could be really cool to mount them above your couch or mount them above your TV and like a crossbow kind of it could be pretty cool and then you would have this whole shelf to style and do something else with and just because you don’t actually see what this is if it’s just laying down like that overall I think the Shelf is like pretty good and I think this this storage you just need to go through it and figure out what you’re actually gonna use it this is um basically not being used yeah so if you did want to hide your power cords I like the trick where you put it in some sort of storage box one with like a slit in it like that one and feed the cords through it so that they go out the back and then you can keep the extra cord in the box that’s showing but you can still access it from the top and be able to plug things and that just helps ya keep cords you know as minimal as possible that’s all I really have to say this show has a lot of stuff it’s a little cluttered I think I think you just need a really solid storage piece like what I was saying before like a big industrial kind of tool box and have a place for everything labeled and then you’ll be able to style the shelf with more alcohol if you wanted to you had a big piece over in that corner that would house you know you’re so accoun that you’ve been collecting it stuff because you don’t have a garage obviously to be able to put up a big pegboard and pegboard lay what that one oh not quite this those types are pretty big and you could I mean I love that I love that you have it just basically as like an art installation it’s like the biggest pen shelf I keep my pens and my post-its my tape talk about these these are my favorite things these were actually from a old DIY tutorial that I made a few years back and they’re plaster dragon eggs I just kept them all these years because I’m surprised that they haven’t broken throughout all that removes they’re really cool and I really like them and I do really like these shelves that you built I think this is a really good cool solution you could get little smaller things to put these in if you didn’t want the visual clutter but overall I think it’s it’s pretty decently organized I don’t think there’s too many things wrong with it and I do like that it’s kind of turned into like an art art piece in itself yeah I think that you could definitely show that off a little bit more keep collecting art little quirky things and putting it on here thanks for checking up my space and fixing what I have I’m gonna try to make sure that it works thanks for having me I’m taking about the knees advice and I’m finally cleaning out my storage boxes and all of these guys just been collecting dust inside a storage box so I’m finally gonna throw them out because like Bethany said don’t hold onto boxes I took revenues advice and I pushed the couch a little closer to the wall and it definitely opened up the room so much room that I even had enough space and small a new chair closer to the window the carpet does look a little smaller but I’m planning to change that off later on Bethany suggested having a storage system with really good labels so I’m still keeping the boxes but I decided to move them forward so that they could still be used and be easily accessed and this way it would hide all the clutter behind the boxes I also got a label maker so that I could finally print out some labels so everything inside those boxes can be put away and labeled properly the Shelf is still a little bit of a mess but I’m plan on finding something new so that it could be cleaned up but all this is a work in progress overall I’m really happy with all of the little changes Bethany told me to do to the apartment and I feel like it’s a little bit more put together than it was before she got here