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Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates

Hello creative weirdos, welcome to another Mr. Kate Decorates. This is a tween room on a budget and this video is sponsored by The Art Institutes Which is awesome because we are gonna get very creative weirdo in this room as we are on a budget We are working with Bennett and She is in her bedroom as a tween girl is but this bedroom wasn’t always hers because it actually used to belong to Her older sister who tragically passed away from Leukemia. So This has been a big deal obviously for the whole family and they just haven’t had the time to really pull together this bedroom for Bennett and have her voice be in there as well as honoring her older sister, etc.

Let’s meet Bennett She sent a submission video and then we went to go meet her. So let’s hear more from her. Hey Mr. Kate I’m Bennett and this is my room I’m going to need your help renovating it because I moved in here after my sister died and I still want to honor her in my room yet still have it being my style.

So I want your help making it Comfortable for me in the best way possible, and if you can come, you know, that would be great. So, thank you. Bye bye Okay so. We just pulled up outside of Bennett’s house. I’m gonna go meet her. I’m nervous. I just feel I just really want this to be A great experience for her. Okay. Great. Let’s go. Okay. Do you have any favorite rooms that you’ve seen us do? Actually a lot, Liza Koshy That one I thought was really cool And I like Alisha Marie’s which are like two totally different styles.

Yeah, but like kind of minimal More neutral tones, like not crazy bright colors. Do you have a favorite color? I like a lot of colors. Okay That’s great. Kate likes a lot of colors. Yeah me too. You’re more the musician. You create the ear art Yeah not the eye art. Okay cool. She really has enjoyed doing DIYs We gotta find all the DIYs you’ve done. She says they’re all fails Wait this is very Bohemian Oh look the cat approves of it. Un-claw the DIY please What was your sister’s name? Arbor And she was 14, Arbor was a creative weirdo Yeah, she was extremely artistic and she had just an amazing personality Yeah, I mean literally every year your style might change.

So we’ll set you up with like a good Footprint in here like a better flow a better place to hang out with friends and obviously Functions with all the stuff that you need to do in here and then also make sure that we get some soccer and some music Give it in on mom. Creative weirdos on three, One…Two……Three! Creative Weirdos! So, oh my gosh, she’s amazing. Yeah. Mama is amazing. I don’t know I just I really want to make sure that in that room. We like honor Arbor because she’s obviously still a part of the family even though she’s not physically with them anymore And also celebrate Bennett as like an individual too. Yeah And you’re a big sister Arbor was a big sister. You want to keep that big sister love going and sorry I don’t know it just makes me emotional I can’t imagine my life without my sister.

It totally makes me emotional Thinking about everything that Bennett’s gone through and the family in general. So I don’t know. This is like a very special project for me personally So obviously I want to make sure that Bennett love it that Lia her mom feels like we have Arbor representatived as well in the room just you know in spirit and just yeah, yeah. Yeah Okay, so obviously this is a very emotional situation I really want to make sure that we honor Bennett and give her an awesome room while also making sure To keep Arbors memory alive in that space. So this is a tall order and we have the constraints of our budget of $300 So we have a ton to do we’ve got to go shopping We’ve got to figure out the plan but first I’m gonna get in there and really just just figure this out.

Let’s go Okay guys, so we have a lot to do in here. Now, know Bennett’s style She wants something kind of organized clean looking a little bit of some bohemian accents Obviously we have that DIY macrame that she started to make so I’m gonna take a cue from that I’m gonna analyze what we have in here already, which obviously we have this bed Just right here you walk in and you see this bed feel like we should hero this bed a bit more kind of Center it.

I want to split up the keyboard and the desk and the dresser and all that. Like right now It’s just feeling too weighted on one side and then the other. This dresser Hmm. It’s gonna be tough. It’s really clunky It’s in the way of the closet. The style of it is like a little kind of, you know old school I know she really wants a more updated Organized clean looking space so that might be the one thing that gets booted But definitely we need to use the bed we’re gonna use her desk. She also has a TV and her record player and everything So entertainment wise try to make sure we work that into the TV not my favorite thing to decorate around But we’ll see if we can work that in and obviously make sure to have the music be a whole moment.

Because she loves Music so we definitely have to celebrate that in here, but I definitely want to make this wall a moment Like I’m thinking some sort of build thing over here that Joey will be great at. There’s also a lot of clutter in here There’s a lot of stuffed animals etc, which is a very common thing you would find in between teen room Since we have to take all this stuff out to redo the room I’m going to encourage Bennett to just go through some of this stuff Maybe she wants to donate some of these things so we can bring back in left stuff Which always looks cleaner and better because that’s the look she’s going for So there’s a ton to do obviously this is kind of just a normal sized tween room with lots of stuff in it and Of course, we have our budget that we have to stick to so I’ve gotta go find Joey because this isn’t going to be easy guys Joey Joey Hey everyone I want to tell you about today’s sponsor at the Art Institute You guys know that being creative is at the core of what we do here at Mr.

Kate We get non-stop emails of people asking us where they can go to school and what to study to get into our field For any of you created weirdos looking for the next step in your education The Art Institutes is Definitely a great choice when considering what’s school to explore your creativity and also prepare yourself for a creative career The Art Institutes has programs in key areas such as media arts, culinary, interior design Gaming, virtual reality technology, audio film production and fashion They have a ton of locations throughout the United States as well as online courses Being creative is fun was also daunting trying to take that creativity into the world and the Art Institutes is here to help you take Take your vision further than you could have ever dreamed possible Check out Artinstitutes.edu/programs for their campus and online offering Here’s to a long and happy future being creative weirdos speaking of let’s get back to designing this room shall we? Hi Joey Hi Kate Okay, now let’s talk about The built in that I want to do or like a built in sort of thing on the wall So we definitely need to go to the hardware store and get like probably a sheet or two of ply wood.

Okay I want to do paint on one wall. We’ll just get a quart of paint To save budget. So that’s a hardware store run we’ll need to do So I think that I might want to pull the golden ticket for this one What?! 100 dollars So you’re officially pulling it already you already know it? Well, I’m just like mapping through in my head The golden ticket is Kate’s allowed to I think we said the rule is once a year. I don’t know where we’ve been Didn’t we say that? Definitely last year, but I also don’t remember that part Well, she’s allowed to pull the golden ticket once a year where she gets an extra hundred dollars, okay. So what are the things we need to get? So we need to get I want to get a dresser I want to get her a little side table for her which I’m thinking we just go to the Swedish Mega store For that.

I want to do a pendant light by the bed which they have those light kits that are really inexpensive There, for like Fun details hit up thrift store for like obviously DIYs. She loves music I already ordered online Some little like instruments For her. At the thrift store we need like a desk chair for her We need like a desk lamp.

We need to bring in some lighting in there. Okay, let’s go to the thrift store first Helping Schools and Youth Programs One Sale at a Time. Wow! Oh my gosh I love it. Joey. Can we get these. Oh yeah, I’d rock those You would rock these? Joey! You’re feeling the hype? They’re too small. They aren’t too small Take em off. Joey all frames on sale. Wait. This one’s perfect actually. Wait, because I have that artwork I did for Well, it’s a very special artwork You guys will see it but I already painted it because I wanted to take more time doing it and I think that it would fit perfectly in here Soccer ball So I have to be careful because She already has a lot of those like soccer trophies, which I think are so cool and that gold So the brass ring will go really well and I wanted to decorate with those trophies.

So we’re looking for an accessories More like Storage stuff we need to make this an organized teen room. Fresh pop Those are cute. Wait for like a little like pen and pencils on her desk maybe. Mm-hmm How cute That reminds me we should give her some notebooks Mr. Kate notebooks. Yes we should Soccer ball What? Look thats our like pastel colors. We’re doing like the sort of ball the soccer ball theme one dollar They’re just like little sleek trays This little shopping basket here. Look how cute Candle lantern Yes From one thrift store down to the next They have a sink. Do we need a sink? No but that’s cool Look at this cute pharmacy one That’s cute. Right, do we like that little guy or what about this little guy? Six bucks. Oh perfect Smaller things aren’t necessarily cheaper Oh wait, Joey look. What 2.99 sure. Joey look the tiniest type writer Forget about smart phones, but it’s $99 Oh Maybe we can bargain make it 99 cents Okay Okay, I love that stuff that we got but now we need to go to The hardware store for the plywood’s to do you like the whole like built in And then we also need to stop at the Swedish superstore Okay And That dresser a side chest Bedding from there, like that’s gonna be like nice and expensive bedding Cool Doing it we’re doing it we’re doing it well.

We’ll see you guys back at her place Okay, I don’t know how to play one of these things This is Joey’s job But guys the cute little instrument that I ordered online are here So these are gonna go on her wall as Accents cuz she loves music. So now she’s got options when her friends are over. They can form a band I don’t know. I wanted to show you guys some of the decorative stuff. Like look at this rug so cute So this is kind of like a runner rug because obviously we don’t have the budget for a big rug But this will go in front of her bed and be so pretty. I love the colors and then I got this Duvet cover which I am obsessed with it has like these beautiful kind of fan flowers on it So cute and what else a plants from the hardware store you guys know, I love a drippy plant This is a beautiful little ivy this light kit.

I think it’s really cool for like a bedside pendant situation Obviously we have the one from the thrift store for the desk lamp so We’re good. Let’s get in there and start we have so much to do. Joey! Can you help me unload? Why do you match me all the time? Oh my gosh you match me I’m the one that woke up with pink hair and you decided to match me What’s happening Joey we’re not painting this wall Yeah, we are. Yeah now we are Touch up. Did you see we match? Yeah, I get it we’re inverted. I get it. We’re opposites opposites attract blah blah blah Let’s focus Okay We so much to do, it looks so much better now It’s cleared out that clutter so already she has access to her closet. Curtains Of course, we’re keeping the blinds With curtains around it. Yeah, we’ll use her desk That she already with the desk chair that we got and then above the desk I want to celebrate her love of soccer.

I have a DIY plan for that It’s gonna be kind of like a whimsical take on soccer over here is where you’re gonna really shine. Plywood project. So we’ve got the beautiful blue paint color that we’ll do on this wall So just paint this wall this wall. We don’t have a budget To paint this whole room the ceilings are too high Show me because you wanted a little bit off that show me what you’re thinking. Okay, so here’s what I’m thinking This is gonna be the whole bed wall So you’re gonna build up around the three drawer chest here And then up again and do kind of like a little side table next to the bed Inside the side table will be a u-shaped little nesting stool She can remove, then we’re gonna go up up up around the bed Making a little shelf there.

I’ll put a hanging plant around here I’ll do a macrame here down down down down down up again over that two drawer chest here Up again here. Boom. Boom another nesting stool u-shaped here and this one she can pull over and use with her keyboard You got it? I hope I can translate that. You can We’re a good team right? So, I guess what I’m doing you can’t guess okay So obviously Bennett started that macrame project in her room She had that little DIY one, which we’re gonna just take a cue from that she likes macrame She likes bohemian accents and give her something a little bit bigger and Obviously bringing in some more colors here and We’re using this really cool Natural stick which Can find in a backyard near you So now that you guys see kind of where this is going.

We now have to knot all of these together So now that I’ve got my first few loops knots done I’m gonna show you guys This box knot. So basically you take four Strands and You make a little Kind of like a four over it and then you take your fourth and You loop it up and Back Through Like so Pulling out The tail and there is your first knot and then you just kind of bring that up So now we need to do the same thing, but reverse it So where you made the four on one side now, you’re gonna do the four on the other side It’s basically just a mirror image of what you just did Come up with my fourth in between here up and around pulling Alright, so I’ve got my first row of the box knots done So now moving on to the second row and this is what you’re gonna be doing all the way until you’re finished Is you’re gonna take two pieces for your next row you’re taking these two pieces out and Then you’re gonna be grabbing the four that’s here to continue the knot and go all the way across and Then when you come back again for your third row You’re gonna take another two out do your row and that’s gonna create this kind of Descending Angular shape to the knots.

You guys don’t have to watch all that go check on Joey. Alright guys, it’s that time again It’s time to get serious with the power tools we’re doing two big projects I have one piece of quarter-inch plywood and then I have one larger 3/4 inch plywood first things first We’re doing the soccer ball. I’ve already measured it out But basically you just take a straight edge like this Drive a little screw in there so you can keep it centered and you just draw around in a circle with your pencil Leave your saw at the same spot Goaaaaaaaaaal! I’m just going to Sand off the edges with some sandpaper and then Kate’s gonna somehow turn this into a soccer ball We’ll see.

All right, next up. We got that big big built in Soccer time! I actually am terrible at sports. So thankfully this is a DIY Not a sports game. Okay. So Joey has cut this down and this is going to be our Soccer ball artwork for the wall. Now, we’re keeping everything kind of bohemian with the accents because that is what Bennett likes What Bennett likes Bennett gets for this room, especially so rather than doing the traditional black and white I actually love this woodgrain. It’s so beautiful. And so very sort of natural and peaceful looking So we’re gonna keep it like this Yet but and I’m gonna make it into a soccer ball using Some moss Budget saving tip for you guys when you have something with a beautiful natural wood grain rather than going and buying a Can of stain you can enhance the look of the wood using some cooking oil Also, we’re playing with perspective so the lines aren’t totally the same size in order to make it look like it all on the wall This is like an entire 3D Situation now, but I hope she loves it.

What do you guys think? Oh my gosh So cool. So now we just have to put some mounting hardware on the back and get it up on the wall Just kidding. It’s an art piece now More rolling around Alright guys got the stools ready to go. Oh Okay guys so I Knew after I met Bennett and her mom and we decided to do this room for her that I really Wanted to do a very special piece of art Honoring Arbor, her sister who’s obviously this used to be her room and now Bennett’s moving in So I spent some time at home creating this watercolor piece and Basically my inspiration was The two of them as sisters I’m gonna try to not get emotional About it, but um, obviously Bennett loves music and Arbor Her name is a tree.

So that was sort of the inspiration of all of it. And I like the idea of I don’t think I’ve ever cried while talking about it and obviously The music notes are now on the tree So it’s sort of like the idea of her memory living on through the music that Bennett gets to play in her room And the music notes on. Oh, okay. I’ll stop talking about it because I need to get in the frame and on the wall, but that’s The whole the whole spiel. Okay, so vintage frame here come All right guys, so I’m pretty much done in here I do want to leave Bennet Some last little goodies some gifts. So these are all of our Mr. Kate stationery items this is a little note card set They’re all different inside. Of course, they’re all painted and drawn by me. These are our puffy stickers Which are all the moon makes an amazing pop socket accessory just saying and then We have the note book bundle, which I’m so excited about.

This is new Bennett Is the first person to get these but I’ll just show you guys inside. They’re so cute So we’ve got the creative weirdo definition and they all say on the inside Stay creative. Stay weird. Stay you. Gonna bundle these back up and Leave them as a surprise for Bennett on her desk, I think as a little, you know extra surprise But guys, I think we’re done in here. This was such a special room. What do you guys think? As usual we play with Floorplan and we took her bed out of the corner made it more of a moment in the middle of the room The biggest difference in here obviously came from this Amazing built-in which I just think gives the room such a custom look and guys It was inexpensive And Joey just needed with plywood and some screws and a drill and paint and it just gives her a place to display all her Trophies because whoa she’s a lot of trophies props Bennett and Obviously this bedding is bringing in some color, but it’s a very gentle room I know Bennett wanted something peaceful with bohemian accents and really just an Organized look and we’ve got our amazing macrame now over there We took a cue from Bennett’s DIY and we’re just amplifying it now kind of finishing what she started I love the pendant light over there That’s obviously such a fun way to have a Bedside lamp and there’s a little switch on for her to turn it off and we have the stools here as part of This built-in design So when she has her friends over she can pull those out for extra seating and Obviously use the one over there for the keyboard and she’s got this great closet here with the sliding doors So we mounted the TV in her closet, which is such a much of better use of space now The TV just isn’t out amongst the room She can close the closet when she’s not watching it open it and watch it directly from her bed the whole music area With her keyboard, her records are nearby.

I think it just is super inspiring over there And obviously the feature art over the keyboard is in honor of Arbor and her memory in this room and Just celebrating the music that Bennett is gonna play and yes, we got her desk over here Just ready for the homework Because she is a tween a growing tween and she’s got a lot of homework and a lot of growing to do in this room And honoring her love of soccer. I am obsessed with the small soccer ball. I love how it turned out And of course, we have our thrift store things like hello the popcorn I put her wand in the popcorn container I mean one of my favorite moments ever. Okay guys I think it looks really good in here I’m so so excited for her and her mom to see this room and I really really really hope that they love it.

So oh Okay Now close your eyes we’re gonna put you in the room You’ve seen the drill. Alright on the count of three. One…..Two……Three! Oh my goodness Oh my god I know it’s a lot to take in when you first open your eyes my goodness that was Inspired by your DIY that you started. Oh, yeah. I mean obviously this isn’t the same one. Yeah I took inspiration from that and then look at that Do you like that? That’s so cute. Oh, it looks like a soccer ball I’m shaking a little bit. I’m shaking too! I get so excited No, this looks like this looks so much better than I expected I had no idea it would even look like this It looks so good I love decorating with gold and thank you for being such a winner I think they’re mostly Participation We found a place to put your TV where it doesn’t have to be out in the room because to watch So I painted this for you obviously but also for Arbor for her memory right? My Interpretation of this is that rather than the notes being on the music staff That they’re on the tree instead.

So it’s like you’re keeping her memory alive with your music. Thank you So you’re you don’t have a stool here, but We have these little things tucked away Also for your friends to hang out Over there too so you can pull it out you can sit Yeah, and you can tuck it away so that it’s easier to move around in here. This is so Wow Like I’ve been having like dreams like oh my gosh What is it gonna look like and there’s been so many things and this looks like so much better than anything I’m so happy you like it Should we show your mom? Yeah Giver the Mr. Kate treatment? Yeah One Two Three and open! Oh my gosh I did this watercolor art because of course, obviously we wanted to make sure that the memory of Arbor in this room, is still there You got a clean desk to work on For all that homework that just started.

The note card set you can like decorate with these All the little touches. I love the trophy shelf Yeah And I think having the bed out open like this just makes it more inviting So when your friends are over you guys hang out on the bed like having both sides to access it Plus the stools plus your chair, like now you have seating or those can even be little side tables for drinks, etc You know. Also we did all of this for 400 bucks We had $300 and Kate pulled the golden ticket which gave her an extra hundred But I wanted to get you like the new dresser and side table and the nice bedding Thank you it looks fantastic.

It’s amazing. I’m so glad that you love it We’ll leave you guys here cuz this is it, we’re done Enjoy, thank you so much Bennett Thank you. This was so special. You guys enjoy It is just fantastic Okay yay yay Bennett loved it. That was so special Obviously, this was a very emotional episode for me I’m a big sister And you know I just took this really seriously to make sure that that room was special for Bennett also honoring Arbor’s memory So I’m just still glad that she liked and her mom liked it and everything Guys big thumbs up For Kate, that was a great room Thumbs up for Joey for that Built in Like that was so cool Big thumbs up and big thanks to the Art Institutes for sponsoring today’s video Guys creative weirdos Art Institutes.

Yeah, perfect. Best way to have it Follow us on social media guys! For more inspiration I post a ton of pictures and stories and all that behind the scenes though, make sure to follow us and subscribe Too because we really need to grow our creative weirdo family because why not? The sun’s out we finished. We’re happy. So I’m happy and cried like Five times today. We’re gonna do something tonight. It’s not gonna make you cry, a nice dinner. Okay guys All right, stay creative stay weird stay you We’ll see you next time. Bye This is the smallest stool ever So cute I’m Mr. Kate to proclaim my love of thrift stores Thank you. That’s what you do on a step stool make announcements. .

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Livspace actually we were looking online for people who do turnkey projects, who can help us visualize our dreams and turn it into a reality. Everybody came with a problem solving mindset, so it was no problem was too big. You know, despite the fact that we were trying to do something which is difficult to do. We were joining two apartments you know, one above the other in a multi-storeyed building, which required structural changes which required thinking about things like electrical, plumbing, uh, you know, how do we make it look as if it’s just one big unit rather than two separate units being just joined together. It’s a very good thing that, you know, everybody’s invested right from the designer to the execution team to the team which was actually doing the overseeing of the site.

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Minimalist Bedroom Decor | Need It

(yawning) – I just had the best sleep of my life. Okay, let’s get started! This desk is everything I never knew I always needed. Oh my gosh, it folds up and down, and then it still has the ledge? This is amazing! Oh, it looks so pretty on my wall! Yep, this is perfect. Nice, good job, Courtney. And I guess I can get some work done now.

Or coffee. This table is from SoBuy, and I got mine for $46. Okay, I think it goes like this. How did I get this wrapped up in a cord? Also, why is this cord so long? Just place it, and turn it on. It’s beautiful. I never saw a light bulb in a cage before, but you know, I think I dig it. Yep, this will work. You can get this at Color Cord Company for about $47 in different colors, and they even have different kinds of bulbs. And I’m already becoming more productive with my minimalist bedroom. I learned how to balance a planter on my head. Just kidding. I feel like these are really going to make me look like an accomplished human. Look at that, I bought a cactus. I am officially becoming my mother.

I shall name him Ferdinand, and he will be my Ferdinand, and he will make my tea minty. And I bought the different sizes from West Elm in black and white, perfect for staggering them on my walls. And now, my new mirror from Urban Outfitters. Oh, it’s slim, maybe it’s a slimming mirror. Maybe if I angle it enough, it can be a slimming mirror. I can hang things on it. I can put this here or here, here? Where’s that bag I got for Christmas? Or a scarf, do I own a scarf? Look at me! Yeah, I like this. I will place this here. Okay, art, art ties everything together, right? Are these straight? No. Okay, perfect, I even have a nice little theme going on. Picture of the ocean, quote about washing my worries away. I was able to buy the dowel from Urban Outfitters, and I bought the prints on Etsy. They had so many designs, it was so hard to choose from, but I narrowed it down to two, took them to Staples, and they printed them nice and easy for me. A quote, a picture… I look like I just decorated off of Pinterest.

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followed a really significant design rule which is the role of lines you have predominantly horizontal lines in your space and you’ve accented it really well with organic shapes like the curve of this coffee table and with your own plant pot that’s like one of the things that you learn in design 101 if you did want this space to feel a bit bigger the rug it is a little bit small for this space because you have the couch forward it works pretty well if you were to push this back you would want to have at least I’m gonna say like an eight-by-ten in here just so that you do feel like you’re using the entire space and you’re not so confined to this little box because when humans see a little box they tend to stay within the box which is just something weird that we do but if you have a bigger rug then you can you know spread out a little bit more and have more seating and anything like that what’s going on here looks like you had a system kind of happening I really love this storage system that you do have I think that the the scale of these little boxes on this shelf is not really gonna work because naturally you’re just gonna set things in front of the boxes and you’re not gonna be able to pull it out I have a different alternative like piece that you could use that would work really well that I use for my makeup storage is a toolbox for those big ones with all the different compartments but mine is actually for tools but it’s in that kind of style and I just made labels for each of the drawers with a label maker and it keeps me contained I built these shelves out of piping and some just like baseboard and it’s for the most part doing what it’s supposed to do but this is probably the most organized that it’s been but I just feel like it’s not really being optimized the whole point was just like so I would not have as many boxes because I have a lot of boxes in my apartment I find that it’s great because you could just toss everything inside the box but the problem is once you toss it inside the box you don’t know what’s inside yeah do you know what’s in you you tried to do a sticky now it says electric there’s Christmas decorations and this electrical box a BuzzFeed beach ball half of a styrofoam one workout glove a box for a Apple TV that I throw boxes away you don’t need them that kind of thing you do not need to hold on to you do not know no matter how much you think you’re gonna use this box you most likely I think boxes like this can be your best friend and also your strenght because of things like this where you just don’t know what ends up in them so if you do have a really good labeling system you’ll be able to point that I forgot I had this this is the old camcorder should we film the rest of this on that what I was saying before is if you have a good labeling system you’re less likely to put things that don’t belong in that category in the box with the stuff so I’d say label these boxes go through them empty it all out this is not bad it’s not bad this is not that bad I feel that you have some crystals here you could cut you your crystals in here I can do it on your books so that you can actually see your crystals you don’t charge your crystals in the full moon I mean might come in in here so buns so I think that the the books and everything are cool if you’re not reading them often you can just you know kind of go like this so I would go like this and then you can put little crystal shrine right here no that works I’m like now you can actually see stuff and I think that already looks a little bit more put together like you could take a photo of that and would think if I put together shelf but you do need something right here I’m trying to get better at storing and saving the right things because I collect a bunch of random stuff that I end up forgetting about but there are certain things that you know I end up spending a good amount of time on that I want to keep that are sentimental like this sword well you have this whole shelf that you’re dedicating just here weapons if you do want to display your weapon it could be really cool to mount them above your couch or mount them above your TV and like a crossbow kind of it could be pretty cool and then you would have this whole shelf to style and do something else with and just because you don’t actually see what this is if it’s just laying down like that overall I think the Shelf is like pretty good and I think this this storage you just need to go through it and figure out what you’re actually gonna use it this is um basically not being used yeah so if you did want to hide your power cords I like the trick where you put it in some sort of storage box one with like a slit in it like that one and feed the cords through it so that they go out the back and then you can keep the extra cord in the box that’s showing but you can still access it from the top and be able to plug things and that just helps ya keep cords you know as minimal as possible that’s all I really have to say this show has a lot of stuff it’s a little cluttered I think I think you just need a really solid storage piece like what I was saying before like a big industrial kind of tool box and have a place for everything labeled and then you’ll be able to style the shelf with more alcohol if you wanted to you had a big piece over in that corner that would house you know you’re so accoun that you’ve been collecting it stuff because you don’t have a garage obviously to be able to put up a big pegboard and pegboard lay what that one oh not quite this those types are pretty big and you could I mean I love that I love that you have it just basically as like an art installation it’s like the biggest pen shelf I keep my pens and my post-its my tape talk about these these are my favorite things these were actually from a old DIY tutorial that I made a few years back and they’re plaster dragon eggs I just kept them all these years because I’m surprised that they haven’t broken throughout all that removes they’re really cool and I really like them and I do really like these shelves that you built I think this is a really good cool solution you could get little smaller things to put these in if you didn’t want the visual clutter but overall I think it’s it’s pretty decently organized I don’t think there’s too many things wrong with it and I do like that it’s kind of turned into like an art art piece in itself yeah I think that you could definitely show that off a little bit more keep collecting art little quirky things and putting it on here thanks for checking up my space and fixing what I have I’m gonna try to make sure that it works thanks for having me I’m taking about the knees advice and I’m finally cleaning out my storage boxes and all of these guys just been collecting dust inside a storage box so I’m finally gonna throw them out because like Bethany said don’t hold onto boxes I took revenues advice and I pushed the couch a little closer to the wall and it definitely opened up the room so much room that I even had enough space and small a new chair closer to the window the carpet does look a little smaller but I’m planning to change that off later on Bethany suggested having a storage system with really good labels so I’m still keeping the boxes but I decided to move them forward so that they could still be used and be easily accessed and this way it would hide all the clutter behind the boxes I also got a label maker so that I could finally print out some labels so everything inside those boxes can be put away and labeled properly the Shelf is still a little bit of a mess but I’m plan on finding something new so that it could be cleaned up but all this is a work in progress overall I’m really happy with all of the little changes Bethany told me to do to the apartment and I feel like it’s a little bit more put together than it was before she got here

2019 DIY Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Different types of interior decoration | Easy Nirman

DIY Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas Different style of interior decoration Modern modern is a broad design term that typically refers to a home with clean crisp lines a Simple color palette and the use of materials that can include metal glass and steel Contemporary Contemporary is more fluid and can represent a sense of currency with less adherence to one particular style for example contemporary style may include curving lines Many MELAS The minimalist concept is one. That’s popular in Australia It takes notions of modern design and simplifies them further Color palettes are neutral and airy Furnishings are simple and streamlined and nothing is excessive or flamboyant in accessories or decor industrial industrial Style as the name implies draws inspiration from a warehouse or an urban loft? Think high ceilings old timber and dangling metal light fixtures with sparse functional furniture Mid-century modern Mid-century modern is a throwback to the design style of the mid 1900s primarily the 1950s and 60s There’s a retro nostalgia present in mid-century modern design and also some elements of minimalism Traditional traditional design style offers classic details sumptuous furnishings and an abundance of accessories it Is rooted in European sensibilities? There’s depth layering and dimensionality within most traditional designs Thank you

How to: Create an Interior Design Mood Board Using Powerpoint | Tutorial | aseelbysketchbook

(music) hello guys and welcome to aseelbysketchbook my name is Aseel I’m an interior designer and this is my first youtube video so guys I would like to have my first youtube video represent one of the first initial elements in any design interior design or not and that is a mood board what is good board you might ask? good question well a mood board is a collection of inspirational images and materials and texts anything that inspires you to complete a design regardless of the type of the design that you’re doing you can think about a wood board as a tool to help you visualize the room or the project that you’re working on before you do it illustrate to the client what you have in mind so you can see what they have in their’s and like confirm if they like something or not I’m gonna put it really quickly here that I used to use Photoshop that’s what I’m doing right now since I have some some load of work on my hand that I use PowerPoint to create my mood boards which is a little bit unusual we started doing this back in the day when I was an interior designer an Ikea and I kept going because it’s really efficient and it puts everything together so if you’re presenting something for the client it’s already there you can delete an image on the spot if you would like let me show you inside of my computer like in depth how to create the mood board using PowerPoint well as you can see guys here now we are actually inside of my computer I have prepared for you this example of a layout of a mood board but it’s totally up to you how you arrange the components of the mood board as long as you have all of those things in it you know so basically we have the main wood image which will set the tone for the rest of the mood board but it will also set the tone for the final design and it will connect me to in the final design and the brief so when for example if you client told you that they wanted an industrial space with like a hint of tropical what you want to do is look for a picture that will represent that mood that precise wood for the sake of this project I found this picture and I thought it was perfect for like an industrial space with a concrete walls and like a hint of tropical as you can see so to me this is my main image which I will build on on this mood board now what I want to do is that I want to enhance the fact that concrete is a main element it sounds like a very strong presence so I want to enhance that and convey to my client that I’m gonna be using concrete in their project in their space so basically what I will try to do is I will go to Pinterest and I’ll type in concrete texture and I will find the best like I don’t find the best presentation for my concrete to me this is perfect so I’ll just copy it obviously you don’t want to do this for commercial purposes but yeah and I’ve just pasted it on my space my working space here now I like this but I think it’s too bulky so I want to soften it up a little bit so I’m gonna crop it at a circle you do that by going to picture tools format and crop crop to shape and finally you select whatever shape you would like you click on crop again and you can adjust your circle to the preferred size that you would like I also need to tell you that this canvas that you’re working on you can adjust the size for it this is just the standard size because I honestly I don’t have the need to like run it more than a three and this is totally fine but if you would like to adjust the size then you just go to design and slide size custom slide size and you put in whatever dimensions that you want this to be printed in but anyways going back to that topic I have the concrete as an element here I like it I’m gonna keep it as it is and I’m gonna copy some other shapes from a previous work of mine so for now I want to add like a little bit of metallic texture which is like silver but it’s a little bit of like crusty silver so I would like to use that as a part of my design so I can see right now that one of the missing elements that I want to enhance a little bit more to show more is the rat on here so basically I want like a bench or something anything that shows the texture of that and I’ve already went to Pinterest and I found this magnificent chair that like it’s perfect for an industrial space because of the leather I’ve at the same time because of their time so I’m gonna copy this image paste it now the best track hold on oh this is IKEA hello there okay so I basically I’m cropping to get to the image that I want this is a beautiful chair okay and and I can see that there is a white background and I don’t like that because I like my images to be perfectly like crop like if I want to add the white background I’ll add it to myself by having like a shape but I don’t like this so what can I do about it because this is not Photoshop but I will teach you how to make it look like it is photoshopped you can go to after selecting the picture you can go to picture tools remove background as simple as that drag your box to just where it where you want it to be and there you go now this is a perfect example it will not always be like this let’s say I have like a log would just say that that’s I have I’ll say I have something like okay let’s say I have something like that like this log of wood that I would like to add here and let’s say that I want to add this image but I don’t want the background because I’ve already put my interest in concrete here so I’m gonna do the exact same thing I’m gonna remove background now as you can see the shadow is well off the log of the tree it is there as well so I want to get rid of it what do I do you can just basically do the same thing picture tools remove background and mark areas to remove now if I do this it will remove like the portion where it’s darker it can’t tell what color needs to go and mark areas to keep with mark mark areas to keep down you have it there you have it of course I’m gonna crop it anyways because I just I did that to show you but I want a little bit of like all I want is like a little bit of presence for the wood here for the dark wood so I’m gonna do that to keep you would board dynamic and interesting you need to add elements that are not like square or like feted within a box per se you have to think how you can make it more interesting that making each material defined by a shape it will give it that dynamic touch that it really needs now if we look at this beautiful chair right here I’m really in love with the chair I’m just looking to where I can buy it I can see that the colors it’s too bright for the vibe that I’m looking for in this photo so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you how to edit it like you’re editing in Photoshop so this is very cool it’s very interesting if you go to again picture tools color and he go to picture color options you have this entire window where you have the saturation color tone presets so what I want to do is I want to lessen the saturation of this so as you can see you’ve kept that at Tom and use you would desaturate it which is exactly what I need to to do and now it matches the wipe of this picture a little bit more except I want to desaturate this picture a little bit so what I want to do right now is I want to add a color scheme so how can I do that no not in Photoshop what I need to do is I need to go to insert and then you go to shapes you pick out rectangle and you just drag it for as much as you need it now as you can see it’s blue and it’s that’s totally fine I will cancel out the outline because I don’t want an outline for my shape but I want the shape full with an eyedropper as you can see it’s also in the drawing tools and I can see the most dominant color in this picture is gray which is like my main key color here and tada okay another trick here is I want to crop this image like to fill it with in this border from the YouTube title box and yet I want to keep the gray background because it will look really cool if I can just like keep the curvature of the plant with cropping this so what I did is I copied the image twice and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna remove the background from one of them and now I have no background for this and now I am going to crop it as you can see the background remained you can do this in a different way can do it in a hundred ways but it looks dynamic this is the thing you are thinking outside of the box literally and now the only thing that I’m missing right here is basically the keywords of this image this is how I do it but feel free to put your keywords first I’ve already done this yesterday so I’m gonna take my keywords I’ve just selected everything by clicking ctrl a and I’m just gonna Center the whole thing so right now I’m pretty happy with the result this is my end product mood board just don’t believe this and you’re going to find this mood board alongside with this PowerPoint presentation on my blog so I will link it down below so guys if you stayed here up until now thank you very much for watching I appreciate it and if you’d like to see more interior design and left style videos please click on subscribe it’s either here or here and help that bill if you want to receive notifications every time I go I’m going to be uploading every Saturday in Chow Lockhart yeah it was it was a blast thank you for tuning in high-five

Interior Design Tips: Top 3 designer approved IKEA products

When I’m shopping for furniture for my clients I’m always always working with a very specific budget in mind but one of my favorite things to mix together are high-priced pieces with some very affordable pieces. And IKEA is the perfect place to shop. This isn’t a paid promotion for IKEA. I like most of you just love their stuff. So my top three favorite IKEA products are on this list because they are great design, versatile, and of course, affordable. The perfect trifecta. Let’s go shopping! Number three on my list of faves from Ikea is the Knodd. Yes it’s a garbage pail. I love the look of this garbage pail in either white or black. It’s perfect for paper recycling under any Home Office desk but it’s so much more than that. How about using the Knodd pail as a planter. It comes in two different sizes. Or how about a great firewood pail? I love how the handles have been upgraded here. Now that’s an IKEA hack that I’m loving. Number two on my list is the Alex drawer unit.

It comes in a variety of sizes, white and gray, and you can have casters like this. I especially love the no hardware drawer fronts! Just a cutout. It’s a versatile cabinet that has a modern and clean look. The Alex is the perfect storage cabinet for craft rooms or artist studios. The thin drawers are great to store paint, paper and all sorts of supplies. You can easily incorporate the Alex cabinets into a work island or peninsula like this.

It’s so great to have storage under large work surfaces. This would be great for a creative studio office or craft room or wrapping room. Martha Stewart would be very proud. And my number one, I love, love, love the IKEA PS cabinet. It comes in white, blue and red but I’m loving the white. It’s a metal cabinet with a soft industrial look. Side by side they offer tons of storage and a great surface to showcase some lighting.

And having that gallery wall above is so very cool. It’s the perfect sideboard in any room. You can even use it in your bedroom like this. I love a great big night stand and the PS Cabinet is the perfect height next to your bed. And of course, it’s great as a media cabinet under your TV! So there you have it… my top three IKEA products that I love because 1) they’re great design, 2) versatile and 3) affordable. Mix them up with other great pieces and you’ll have an eclectic mix of furniture in your home. Thanks for watching this little design tip, we’ll have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe.

We’ve got new videos every week. And don’t forget, if you like this video please give it a thumbs up. See you soon! .

“1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 1 – Introduction

We are going to discuss Interior Design of a 1BHK Home. A usual 1 bedroom Hall Kitchen home is of size ranging from 350 to 500 sq ft. There are many videos on Internet where they walk you through rooms & show lot of creative work. There are so many interesting ideas. But Today we are going to stick basics. I am from contractorbhai.com team & we provide Interior design service. We must have designed more than 1000 homes now. After working with so many home owners what we have learnt is Good design is as little design as possible Let me repeat again Good design is as little design as possible When you start planning Interior of your home, you are excited, you have lot of ideas in your mind and you pick up so many ideas by doing research.

Most important question you have to ask yourself is “Will that idea look good in your home for next 10-15 years ?” All the work that happens as part of Home Interior design in your house it will stay in front of you eyes for next 10-15 years may be more. So this question is very important. There are good Design practices which if used can solve these problems. We will talk about about soem of these points in following videos To make things easy we are goign to talk about 3 aspects. THis whole series has 4 parts. This is the introduction part. and following this there are 3 more videos in which we are goign to talk about Look & Feel Functionality Budget Now these 3 aspects are most important aspects of Interior Design project. Look & feel menas how rooms is goign to look ? How they are going to appaear. Functionality – what all facilities you want ? Budget – budget is budget. How much money you are goign to spend. And that decides lot of things. You cannot plan your 1 BHK Home Interior without taking care of any of these aspects.

IF yoou ignore any one aspect then whole project is going to fail. So alright this was first part this was introduction part of “1 BHK Home Interior” series . there are 3 following videos, each talking about ‘Look & Feel’, ‘Functionality’ & ‘Budget’. I will see you in second part. .

The 0 bedroom, 0 bathroom micro man cave – Offbeat Spaces video

DEREK DIEDRICKSON: My name’s Derek Diedrickson. Right now, we’re outside of Boston. And I’m a carpenter, tinkerer, microarchitecturer. Something between those lines. Basically, the start of all this, I think– when I was a kid I used to build a lot of forts. And somewhere around that same point in time, when Nintendo first came out– dating myself here– my parents didn’t want me playing it inside all the time. So I went out and built my own first, real cabin, with heat, insulation, electricity, all that. I was like 10 or so, out in my backyard, just so I could play video games all the time.

From there, I just liked the whole freedom of just building these little, quick, turnaround shelters, shanties, escape pods, I kind of called them. They’re micro-shelters. If you’re working your grind, 9 to 5 job, or you’re working from home, I figure it’d be kind of cool to have an escape outdoors, where you could get some of your office, quote unquote, “work” done. These are the four that are kind of– it’s my mobile home park of tiny shacks, redneck village. This one here is called the Boxy Lady, more or less because it’s simply two plywood and recycled cedar cubes, Legoed, slapped together. It’s a mobile kiosk slash single-sleeper. This folds up. This roof piece folds off. There’s another table that folds down. And you could just wheel it around by a rope, almost like a wheelbarrow. It’s not that heavy. It’s kind of cool when the sun’s out just to sit in there. And it actually warms up pretty quick if you’re facing south. This one here is called the Gypsy Junker because of its slight resemblance in shape to a gypsy wagon. This one, except for the roofing and the wheels, is almost 100% roadside junk.

The old side of my washing machine, found window. This one’s the heaviest of all. It’s on wheels, but it takes two strong men to move. I got a little carried away when I started building it. And a lot of these aren’t really planned. So I start building them. This one got too heavy. This one’s called the Hickshaw. This is one of the first ones I built more recently. It’s a rickshaw for hicks. That’s where the name came from.

This one’s built out of all mill extras, recycled cedar. It’s 7 feet long or so, like 2, 2 and 1/2 feet wide. A single sleeper, again, but something if you went to Burning Man Festival, those kind of things, something you could pull around. This one here is called the Gotta Get Away. A lot of these are spur of the moment names. It was originally called the $100 Homeless Hut. This is another prototype for a very simple homeless shelter. You could build most of this for about $100, even with store-bought materials. The poly roofing and pre-cut plywood sides. Everything’s 4 by 4 by 4. Yeah, I like the whole idea of recycling, scavenging. There’s a certain satisfaction when you find something that someone’s deemed trash, thrown on the side of the road, and you take it and apply it and build it into something else. ERIKA STORM WASSER: Hey, guys. You’re watching “Spaces.” I’m Erika Storm Wasser. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel. What are you waiting for? .